Week 11-16 Progress!

So much new!  The details:

+ Grappling hook shooter to allow units to cross gaps using fun rope physics I used this article if you’re curious.  Pretty simple math but really fun results:  http://www.gamasutra.com/resource_guide/20030121/jacobson_01.shtml)

+ 10 campaign missions and more to come!

+ ‘Make your own tech tree’: pick 6ish units from an eventual 20ish for each battle, units combo together in interesting ways!  We took inspiration from the board game Dominion here (really fun game, btw)!

+ Shots only explode when they hit the ground, tuned damaged based on how far away the shot explodes from a building. Small change but way more engaging because each shot changes the terrain every time and you really feel compelled to get exactly the right shot for maximum damage.

+ Shots gain more damage the longer they’re in the air (they turn into little comets).

+ Hugely improved AI, he slices, he dices, he can manage his armies and line up shots like no man can (thusly he is tuned down to be a more reasonable opponent).

+ Changed the way shields work, they now form an arc.  The arc can be upgraded to be wider, and you control where it goes.  This sets up strategy for placing the shield and also getting past enemy shields.

+ New more intuitive control scheme (this is why it’s so important to playtest)!

+ Clouds!

+ Sexy new art for the background, units, and buildings

+ And lots more I’ve forgotten!

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